Terms & conditions

Due to the current situation with Covid 19 we ask that ALL our customers ring and do not come onto our premises without a prior appointment.
We appreciate your patience in these uncertain times


Normal Credit Terms
The Net amount of an invoice MUST be paid in full before the last day of the month following the month of invoice.

Vehicle Machinery sales
The Net amount of an invoice MUST be paid in full within SEVEN DAYS of delivery of the goods.

Monies Oustanding Beyond Our Normal Credit Terms
Any account outstanding beyond our credit terms of reference will be passed out to external collection agents and will be subject to a surcharge of 10% to cover the cost incurred, and will be subject to any other costs incurred in obtaining settlement.

Interest Charge on Outstanding Accounts
Interest will be payable at a rate of 20% per annum if an invoice is not paid by the due date. T he company reserves the right to vary of interest charged.

Retention of Title
All goods and service/repair parts will remain the property of the company until the price has been paid in full and the customer shall remain a baliee only until payment is made.

To be agreed at point of sale in writing or stated on invoice.
Failures to be reported immediately.
Work to be carried out by ourselves in our workshops.
Items not covered by warranty:- any costs/losses incurred as a consequence of failure, failures arising from accidents, incorrect operation, modification or use of incompatible equipment, tyres, exhaust systems, clutch components, braking components, batteries, glass items, ancillary drive belts, wearing components, oils and fluids incurred due to failure.

Any complaint by the customer relating to an invoice must be notified by the customer to the company in writing within 14 DAYS of the invoice.